Sunday, April 15, 2012

WEGO Challenge: My Writing Style

Today's prompt from WEGO is to describe my writing style.

Writing with Style

I begin writing a blog post mentally long before I actually sit down and lay the words out with my fingertips. I can so eloquently but words together in my mind, that I at times, actually think that I could write a book. Then something happens as I begin to allow the word from my brain flow to my fingers. I begin editing, self-doubting, rethinking to the point that what I see on the screen is barely recognizable as what was written in my head. Working on this. Working on transferring exactly what is upstairs to this blog or my journal.

My method of writing is a bit free-flowing or without structure. But I generally start with the title. The title helps me contain all the words that whirl around in my mind into a more manageable comprehensive set of sentences. These sentences then evoke emotion. For me, I write publicly for two reasons; to educate and to let others see the emotion behind every action, decision and thought behind this journey of mine with CF.

Once the title is formulated, the words are group accordingly and the emotion is paired with the words I then can begin to write to you. Because of this process, it helps me use writing in a therapeutic way. It allows me to place words with emotions that I am not able to quit understand or vis versa. It helps me make sense of things.

The other amazing part of blog writing and blog reading is that it connects us. It allows us to see/read one another stories, which hopefully either demystifies or educates us about our world, about the people in our world, to understand that we each have struggles, triumphs, and that by learning from one another we are creating a more understanding place to thrive.

I enjoy writing from the heart and enjoy reading others who write from the heart.  Writing with such technicality is necessary at times to help convey facts but also placing in the human element is what I find key and very difficult because it causes you to open your heart, to become raw. Being raw is to be vulnerable.

So, what's my writing style. As from the heart as I can muster. As comprehendible as I can get but sometimes words are hard to place with emotion or give voice to the human element.


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