Friday, June 18, 2010

Tools for sanity

I have been finding myself reflecting back on childhood memories and experiences. These thoughts are typically triggered by a sound, taste and of late reading. I am sure by now you all know about the movie 'Where The Wilds Are'. Well, B grew up reading this story and was really excited to see this childhood favorite recreated in a movie. Since watching it I too have been drawn to remembering some of my personal favorites, likes of:

Shel Silverstein
Beverly Clearly
Dr. Seuss (Oh, the places you'll go!)

I could go on and on and on. The reason I have these fantastic memories of great stories is because I was encouraged to read. Growing up in a hospital or sick at home, you become bored with TV. Literally your brain can no longer process the images! But I always found comfort in a good story, whether a paragraph long or a bazillion page novel. I could take myself outside of my current situation onto an island of treasure, on a boat with sailors, or to the end of a side walk where other children go, there was no telling the places I'd go.

At times, any world but my own, is what has kept me sane. As adults we escape reality by having a drink after a stressful day, workout at the gym, blog, etc. Children us the avenue of make-believe and thru projecting themselves into a story that resembles a world they wish for. Reading is such a powerful tool for sanity.