Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quarter of a Century and counting...

October 12th is B's birthday and this year he turned 25! So I decided in June that I would make this a year to remember, just in case. Just in case I don't live to see him turn 50. I pondered over many idea's but one in particular stuck with me.

He love's the 1920-1930's gangster era. So I started doing lots of research and found myself getting a really good education about the Great Depression. This era in American history is revoluntionary is so many ways. Women began drinking, smoking and voting. Prohibition was in affect. The FBI was founded.....

So began the idea to throw a "1930's Gangster Party" all were encouraged to wear attire reminiscent of the era.

I also wanted to blow his socks off not with just a party but a gift that he would forever remember. B recently bought the truck of his dreams. He has always envisioned himself driving this truck in his late 30's but with proper financial management we were able accomplish this dream much sooner. Because of how much he wanted this truck I knew he will never sell it.

This truck will be one of those trucks that sits in a garage or shop with the hopes of running again. He will always view this truck as his baby, his first hard earned truck. So I started researching new wheels, tires and lift kit for his F-350.

On October 10th this is what he got........

Happy Birthday B! I love you and would do anything to see you smile :)