Friday, October 23, 2009

I know... I know...

I have been so busy lately that I have not had a moment to even think about writing. August thru December always seems like a huge blurr come January.

August we were wrapping up summer with last minute biking and hiking outings all while preparing for school to once again begin.

September is full of happenings; our Anniversary is on the 3rd, quickly followed by 4 birthdays along with B's parents anniversary and lastly school starts.

October rolls in with B's birthday followed by another slew of birthdays, school is now in full swing requiring us study, take tests, etc and of course Halloween.

November slaps me in face and as I slowly come to terms with the fact the year is ending in 8 short weeks. Thanksgiving and Christmas have been and will always be a wonderful time of family and friends.

B and I both are attempting a degree in Business. While he already has his contractors license he feels its necessary to compliment it with the business aspect. I on the other hand will be a student for life. I LOVE going to school. I love walking into a new class for the first time, mind clear and ready to absorb. Seriously, if all goes well (no absentance due to CF complications) I should be done in 2 years.

For our 3rd wedding anniversary our dear friend Nate, who was B's best man, sent us to McMenamin's Grand Lodge where we exchanged vows. It was a much needed escape with my beloved husband. We played disc golf and carelessly walked around the beautiful grounds while sipping a pint of our favorite beer. Later that evening we took a tub and had a wonderful dinner. Nate simply told us when and where to go, he truly took care of everything, he even stayed at our house to watch our dogs.
Its great to know we have such wonderful family and friends in our life. The last year was extremely challenging but B and I made it thus far and we are still smiling! We love all of you who have helped us with this difficult year.