Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ah..... 2011

I am one of those make a list of the wonderful things and make a new list of all the wonderful things to accomplish on the 31st of each year. I know... I know.

This year, 2011, however has been a difficult one on levels that I NEVER thought I would face. Most of the hardship has not been directly CF related but side affects of CF. You know little things like, having to face a short sale or foreclosure as medical bills were pilling up, re-thinking my career and beginning the writing of a book, receiving a letter from Social Security that I owe $35,000.00 in overpayment of benefits, and much more personal family stuff.

All of this taught me so much. It has made me realize how strong my marriage is, how strong my faith and how strong I am while simultaneously teaching me how much more it can and will grow.

I want to sincerely show my gratude for all who have followed my journey over the past year. All who have shared in my sorrow, joy and life-changing challenges. I have been humbled by your support.

God has brought me to 2012 therefore He will bring me through it, no matter what obstacles arise!

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The perfect Christmas gift!

Have you ever seen someone hurt from the inside out or even the outside in? Have you ever wished you could do something anything to ease their pain or suffering? What if I told you that you could ease the outside pain which would ease the inside pain by donating a few dollars, would you do it? Really....think about it.....

It isn't often that we can do something to help right now. Most anguish is deeper than skin. Here is an opportunity to help right now in real life. While you will not be solving all their problems you will be helping to ease their pain both inward and outwardly. Really...... think about it.......

This would also make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone who has everything or even as a family.

I want surgeries for Christmas

For more information about the organization written about in "I want surgeries for Christmas" visit Dr. Hodes website


Friday, December 2, 2011

Poking Away at Perfection

Today marks exactly one week since I have started incorporating the new insulin into my routine and I have to say I am doing okay with it. Not perfect but okay. If you missed what's going on, click here, for the backstory.

The new insulin is very quick acting, which is something I am not used to and that has been an adjustment. I started off giving the insulin based on what I was going to prepare, then preparing said meal, only to end up with low blood in the middle of my meal, which if you have or know someone with diabetes you know that it can cause you to eat more because of the way low blood sugar makes you feel. This low blood sugar over-eating causes a spike in blood sugar because you ate more than you anticipated and didn't give enough insulin to cover the additional intake. See the viscous cycle here?

I quickly figured out to make my meal and just before I put the food in my mouth to give the insulin. This method works beautifully if I am home or in an environment I feel secure in. However, if I am not secure or at a restaurant, driving while snacking, immersed in work/school studies, etc I completely forget all together. I am really trying to figure out different ways to "remind" myself to test my blood sugar and then take the insulin based on what I am going eat. Practice makes perfect, right?!

My biggest reward is that my blood sugars ARE starting to be controlled. I am having less really high readings and am starting to feel better. I have more energy, feeling less sluggish after meals and way less moody. I knew I wasn't going to have this perfected immediately and have given my self grace about it. If I didn't I would feel like a failure becoming frustrated resulting in giving up. I have also recognized that no matter how perfect of a routine I follow it might not be enough, our bodies chemistry is at times unpredictable, all I can do is do my best!

If you're new to CFRD or diabetes, don't give up. Continue to work with your care team to figure out what is right for you. You'll feel so much better.

I will continue to poke away at getting this diabetes thing under control and mingled into my lifestyle.