Friday, April 6, 2012

National Donate Life Month!

April is National Donate Life Month. Despite all the amazing advancements in medicine and medical technology there are still an obsurd amount of patients needing donations than there are donors. Organ transplant gives hope to people suffering from varies kinds of organ failure.

There are many myths about organ donation that are expelled here at Donate Life. Even if you want to donate but think you can't because of some underlying issue, please consult with your physican. Even I can donate!!

I have meet countless CF'ers who are thriving today because of lung transplants. Without that life saving gift they would no longer be a light paving the path for all of us who may one day face the fear of needing a pair of lungs but no donor.

I encourage you to think about it, mull it around in your mind, pray about it, get information about it, and simply consider it.

A heart felt THANK YOU to all the donors and their families. Many many thanks to all who have spoken out about their journey of going thru a transplant.


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