Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Promise

Having a terminal illness typically demands a strict regimen of medications, nutritional needs and a slew of other things. After 28 wonderful years of attempting to maintain this regimen I have to admit that I am not "strict" but rather I have at times been lax about much of it. However, during my CF clinic in October my team (yup a team of physicians) once again reminded me why doing all my medications everyday as prescribed is SO important.... a better prospect at a LONGER HEALTHIER LIFE!

So two weeks ago I made a promise to myself to do just that. So far, I haven't been 100% perfect but I am making a decision every day to attempt perfection. My biggest fault lies with doing my nebulizer treatments. I can swallow pills all day long but sitting still for 20-30 per treatment, which ends up being approximately 1hr twice daily, is simply hard for me, REALLY hard for me.

My motto: "Doing all my medications is not submission to my CF but rather freedom from it"